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Transatlantic Rust Belts -
Scripting Urban Futures

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Transatlantic Rust Belts -
Scripting Urban Futures

This symposium, originally planned on location in Detroit, MI, is now taking place online via Zoom. It offers a forum of exchange for German and US-American urban practitioners and urban researchers interested in the power of stories for urban planning in postindustrial settings.


The aim is a concerted transatlantic assessment of the complex work of imagining the past, the present and the future of postindustrial cities.

Some of us are academics from the fields of cultural, literary, media and urban studies, some of us are experts from various civic and professional fields.


Together we want to develop a sustained conversation about the power and the possible pitfalls of scripting futures for and with urban communities.

Keynote speakers

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Barbara Eckstein

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James Throgmorton